Jim West, co-founder of Westraunt Concepts, passed away too soon on January 10, 2014.


Jim was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the various Westraunt Concepts brands. He will be greatly missed by his wife, Jane, his four children, Henry, Caroline, Daphne and Louise, his parents, Dick and Joanne (a.k.a., “DickieJo”), his brother, Chad, and his longtime business partner, friend and younger brother, Phil.


Jim took great pride in the restaurants he co-founded. From the quality and consistency of their products to the service, hospitality and atmospheres that make them enjoyable places to visit, Jim always strived to make “Westraunt” restaurants meaningful to the communities they serve. That said, he was especially proud of the numerous employees who he enjoyed working side by side with and mentoring. Jim, we will never forget the the importance of “clean, safe and legal”, “mise en plus”, the difference between service and hospitality and so many other lessons. Thank you, for your passion, your vision, your high expectations, the natural teacher in you, and your wonderful, self deprecating way of creating cheer in the workplace. You lived an amazing life and touched so many of us.


Jim was preceded by his older brother and business partner of nine years, Mike West (January 24, 2011). Chad West joined the business in June of 2014.