Event Room


The Event Room at DickieJo’s Burgers and DickieYo’s Frozen Treats is designed to accommodate large groups (up to 65). We regularly host birthday parties, sports teams, baby showers, business meetings and other group gatherings in this space. For sports teams, we are an excellent alternative to pizza parlors. We are “The Official Team Party Place” of KIDSPORTS!


  • We take reservations for groups of 10+. 
  • To make a reservation, call DickieJo's Burgers at 541-743-4106.


We do not charge a room fee, however, we do expect guests with and without reservations to dine with us. Simply put, we are in the business of selling food, drinks and dessert - not renting out space or providing “free” accommodations.


We enjoy working with and developing relationships with business groups seeking a place to conduct meetings with meals served. For groups of 20+, we offer a variety of menu and service options - including breakfast. Audio-visual equipment is available. For more information, please call 541-954-6303.


Because we do not charge a room fee (see above), our Event Room is most often a “non-private” facility. This means that, most of the time, the room is open to groups and individuals with and without reservations. It is common for groups with reservations to share the room with our walk-in customers. 

“Counter service” means that each Event Room guest places his or her order at our main counter and their food item(s) are delivered to them at their table. We have a separate point-of-sale that allows Event Room guests to avoid our main line. Individuals and multiple families dining together can each pay separately this way. Of course, we are also happy to have one person “pick-up-the-tab” for the entire groups’ purchases. Nice, simple and flexible for everyone involved!


In terms of service... “private” events are identical to “non-private” events (see above). The only thing that makes them different is that the room is closed to other customers. An event becomes “private” when the group’s size pushes our capacity limit of 65 people - or the event is being held during a non-peak-load dining time (i.e., Monday through Friday during lunch hours).


Through our catering company, Westraunt Catering, we are able to provide buffet-style, food service from DickieJo’s Burgers, Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen and Bill & Tim’s Barbecue. This higher level of service and menu coordination is only available to large groups and business-oriented events with 20+ people having a “private” event (see above).


Despite the fact that we offer self serve frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream, and sell housemade Frozen Yogurt Cakes and Ice Cream pies, we do allow outside cakes and cupcakes by guests who order form the kitchen at DickieJo’s for their main meal. We do not allow outside food or beverage.

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