Bill & Timís Barbecue & Tap House offers a variety of catering options through its affiliate, Westraunt Catering. 


TO SCHEDULE AN EVENT, call 541-954-6303


Collaborating with Westraunt Catering on our wedding reception was smooth and seamless from start to finish. Our event was held at a riverside location over an hour outside of town and Iím pleased to say that Flint and her team were incredible through it all. Because of her clear and timely communication and their willingness to meet and exceed our requests, I never worried a moment about the food and service for our special day. Many guests (including vegans and paleos) commented that the food was scrumptious and that having both Bill & Timís Barbecue and Mexican food from Mucho Gusto gave everyone ample options to choose from. The food was plentiful, delicious and affordable, and the attuned staff even set aside a plate for me and my groom while we were off taking photos. It was a wonderful day and Westraunt Catering was the icing on the cake. A stellar experience all around! 



FOR PRICING, click here. This option is an excellent choice for casual, semi-formal and formal events with 20+ guests (company parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, business meetings, birthday parties, team parties, tailgaters, etc.). This is a full service catering product. Simply place your order and watch us do all the work, including delivery, setup and post-event breakdown. 

Meats (Pick 2)

  • Pulled Pork (recommended) 
  • Sliced Chicken (recommended) 
  • Shredded Brisket 
  • Sliced Turkey 
  • Sliced Ham 
  • Tofu Skewers 
  • Sliced Links  
  • Sliced Tri-Tip Steak  
  • Baby Back Ribs  

Hot Sides (Pick 2)

  • Mac & Cheese (recommended) 
  • Pork & Beans (recommended) 
  • Black Beans 
  • Mashed Potatoes 

Cold Sides (Pick 2) 

  • Cole Slaw (recommended) 
  • Potato-Bacon Salad (recommended) 
  • Cucumber-Mint Salad 
  • Romaine Salad 
  • Organic Green Salad 
  • Watermelon (in season) 

Buffet Also Includes 

Housemade BBQ potato chips, dill pickle chips, wrapped mints and BBQ sauce. 

Additional Menu Options  

  • Add Rolls  
  • Add Slider Buns  
  • Add Corn Bread  
  • Add Bottled Water and Canned Pepsi Products  
  • Add All Natural Lemonade and Housemade Sweet Tea  


FOR PRICING, click here. This option is an excellent choice for casual events with 6+ guests (business meetings, tailgaters, picnics, outings, etc.). Each meal is individually packed in its own labelled box. Simply place your order and come pick it up. This product is perishable! Timely delivery and consumption is required. 

Cold BBQ Sandwich (Pick 1) 

  • Applewood Smoked Turkey 
  • Applewood Smoked Ham 
  • Turkey & Ham Combo (recommended) 

Sandwiches include lettuce, tomato, red onion, smoked cheddar, mayo and BBQ sauce on a house-baked, butter-toasted bun.

Cold Sides (Pick 1) 

  • Cole Slaw 
  • Potato-Bacon Salad (recommended) 
  • Cucumber-Mint Salad 

Box Lunch Also Includes 

Housemade BBQ potato chips, snickerdoodle cookie, wrapped mint, napkin and plasticware.

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